Truck Mount Mixers

After watching many current design twin and triple screw mixers working, there no doubt was an improved mixing idea to be discovered. Actually it was a return to an old idea. Feed mixing patterns that would never be accepted in traditional horizontal mixers, were being ofered to customers by companies that joined together two single screw vertical "mixer". Although single screw mixers can be designed to mix well, two single screw mixers mouted to a common floor plate, sharing an open side between them, still act as two independent single screw mixers unless there are multiple mechanical means to FORCE exchange of feed stuff between them. This was the basic premise for design of the new Schuler Multi-Screw mixer series... "to build a multi-screw vertical mixer that returned to basic mixing silence!", and this is what we did.

Models Available:
MS550: Download Brochure »
MS725: Download Brochure »
MS1050: Download Brochure »

Other models such as MS750, MS875, 2820, 4050, 5020 and 6020 are available. Please call or consult your local dealer for more information or call Schuler Manufacturing for assistance.