Twin Auger Mixers

Once you run a Schuler vertical mixer, you will understand why customers continue coming back. As our customer, we want to help you keep money in your pocket.
How do we do that? Our vertical mixers are going to give you a consistent, thorough mix. This is crucial in keeping your animals from sorting. Sorting leads to waste feed which leads to more dollars out of your pocket.

Models Available:
MS360/MS510: Download Brochure »
MS550: Download Brochure »
MS725: Download Brochure »
MS750: Download Brochure »
MS875: Download Brochure »
MS1050: Download Brochure »

Why you should consider a Schuler as your next mixer…
Overlapping Auger Design: With each revolution of the augers, feedstuffs are pulled out of the opposite auger chamber, positively creating exchange of feedstuffs between the augers. Overlapping augers also speed up the cleanout of the tub.

Directional Baffles: Baffles between the augers are uniquely designed to produce end-to-end feed movement by being offset from the centerline of the mixing tub. The RH baffle perpendicular center edge is closer to the front auger and the LH baffle perpendicular center edge is closer to the rear auger. Because the baffles are offset, feedstuffs quickly transfer between the adjacent augers. This is essential for consistent mixing. Also, baffles between augers are small. Large baffles create slow cleanout and restrict end-to-end feed mixing.

Tri-Pulse Auger Legs: Enhances mixing and clean out.

Replaceable Edge Deflector: Pulls feedstuffs from the mixer sidewalls to load the center of the auger and reduce mixing time

Other Standard Features:
• ¾’’ mixer floor (1’’ on 1050 “steroid” mixer)
• ¼’’ AR (abrasion resistant) steel tub (3/8’’ AR on 1050 “steroid” mixer)
• Variable pitch auger flighting – 5/8’’ AR steel
• Single speed auger drive or 2-speed transmission for smaller tractors
• 540 PTO or 1000 PTO
• Reliable planetary auger drive (integral planetary bearing tower design with flange drive results in strong support for the auger when mixing large round bales)
• Constant Velocity tractor driveline permits mixing on the go
• Ladder and platform for easy viewing of mixer chamber and augers
• Heavy duty jack

• LH, RH, bi-directional, or side discharge
• Fold-up conveyor extension
• Hydraulic side shift on bi-directional discharge
• Discharge magnets
• Bolt on rubber top extension
• Rear discharge door
• Two speed gearbox